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Phantom Rift

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The Phantom Rift: a dark, ethereal world filled with mystery and powerful magic. You dont know how or why you are there, only that you must find a way back to the True World at any and all costs... Phantom Rift is an adventure/RPG with a unique battle system (inspired by Mega Man Battle Network), hundreds of spells to collect and use, endless equipment combinations to customize your wizard with, and much more. Explore a vast over world, interact with ethereal wisps, take on side quests, journey through dungeons, collect loot, and take part in skill based, strategic battles!
FEATURES• Innovative battle system, mixing elements from card battlers, real time action/RPGs, and turn based RPGs (inspired by Mega Man Battle Network)• Dark, ethereal atmosphere• Over 300 spells to collect• Thousands of pieces of equipment to find, each with unique stats, abilities, and appearance• Customize the way your wizard plays and looks• Speak with NPCs to learn more about the lore, embark on side quests, and explore the vast world of the Phantom Rift• Tons of dungeons to conquer, each with unique enemies and powerful bosses• Unique, seamless PvP multiplayer integration• Cloud saving• Controllers supported! (Shield, SteelSeries, Moga, and more!)